Thanks for taking the time to read this. My name is Anthony - a budding writer with a passion for smashing different genres together to try and create something new.

The idea for Weave came from me reading Greek mythology and looking at some of hero figures in there. What got my attention, was not one of the great heroes, rather a bronze man called Talos who protected Europa from pirates.

In the Argonauts stories, Jason and his crew come across this bronze man who prevents them from entering the harbor. In the different stories he is always killed by Medea who removes a nail that plugged his only vein, thus killing him and allowing the Argos to pass.

This got me thinking of ways to try and replicate Talos into a Steampunk universe and how that could happen and so a sprout of an idea was born where technology was not the savior of mankind, but its destroyer.

Weave is the first book in a planned trilogy.