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Think an LGBT crossover between It Follows + Tokyo Gore Police and you’re on the right track.

For fans of Clive Barker and David Cronenberg, Weaponized is a nerve-shattering exploration of sexual identity and people’s strange relationship with tools of death. It is a Kafka-esque horror take on sexual orientation and sexually transmitted infections, and how we villainize those who are different

Sexually transmitted guns?

We’ve all had that fear, that moment when you feel a bump after sex, but what if that bump matured into a deformity? And that deformity into a gun? Sex is dangerous and only becomes more attractive with age. The moment our fear goes away we become something new.

With Weaponized, it’s twisted, manifesting physically, and sexually transmitted infections are secretly responsible for the world’s entire supply of weapons. The remains of the infected dead are used to create guns, until one young man becomes the exception.

About Weaponized

Truog Island is a desolate place where sexual activity is outlawed. There lives Trip Yash, bored out of his mind. That was until he met Cron. After a night of passion, Cron disappears taking Trip’s virginity with him. A few days later, Trip develops a rash on his hand that eventually blooms into a gun made from his own flesh.

It’s not long before Trip becomes a living weapon locked in a battle against an ancient virus that threatens to ruin his island home. As his body continues to change, terrifying forces emerge with the power to weaponize the dead.

About Me

I’m a writer from Prince Edward Island best known for my critically acclaimed comic book series The Dregs, published by Black Mask Studios. My work has also appeared in IGN, Huff Post, and VICE.

I’m an avid cyclist and overly excitable weirdo.