It is the year 1200 GD and it has taken the Nirayani military three years to rescue Princess Sitara from the clutches of the Demon King, Ravan. The people are furious. This is yet more proof the Mages Guild is nothing against the might of the Demon Realm, a looming threat to the West.

Others are concerned with the possession of magic. For the past decade, visitors from all three kingdoms flocked to Nirayana, in hopes of birthing a child there that might wield magic – a Zodiac. For Nirayana is the only place on earth where magical humans are born. However, they are few and far between and all are conscripted into the Mages Guild, regardless of parentage. Until disaster strikes the Guild and Nirayana is left defenceless against the enemies who would see it fall.

Over in the palace, court intrigue suffocates the Crown Prince, heir to an impostor bloodline. Raymond has one desire in life – to find out what happened to an extinct race of dragons that once roamed the Earth. But there is a Demon King in the dungeons and a burgeoning civil war on the horizon. With it comes the reappearance of the rarest Zodiac to ever exist – one turns up every thousand years to be exact – and the last was Aryana, Queen of the Zodiac Kingdom and rider of the last dragon.

The glory of her reign is promised to Nirayana once more but the horrors in achieving it, are unprecedented and kings, nobles and peasants alike are ill prepared for the madness to come.

About the book:

Avater the Last Airbender meets Game of Thrones (yeah it’s a weird combo – I’m still deciding if it works…)

This is a high fantasy epic that I have been working on for three years. It has a mapped out world, diverse cultures and the added madness of non-human creatures. It starts, as most good stories do, with a rescued princess and quickly progresses to civil war, parallel dimensions and a bunch of ragtag delinquents with the ground-breaking power at their fingertips.

I should add each human culture is based (very) loosely on a real culture from history. For instance, the Han Kingdom borrows from Baekje, Silla and Goguryeo; the Golden Kingdom mirrors Ancient Egypt; the Norse Kingdom borrows from Nordic culture and Nirayana is a mixture of Ottoman and Mughal influences. It’s colourful, it’s bright and I am so excited to paint this world out for you all.

So please, please, please grace me with your feedback! It is invaluable! Thank you so much.

(also there is a prequel for this which is right here: