I am a sailor who has always had the passion to write. God blessed me with the ability to touch people with my writing and this first novel is a testiment to that.

This story is not my first and definitely not my last but it is one I am blessed to have been able to have written. It is about a marine, Sgt. Matthew Brooks, who has just come home from Iraq. He is struggling with the fact that is battle buddy, best friend, and confidante, GySgt. Kristina Croton, was killed saving him from enemy snipers after their humvee triggers an IED.

I got the idea when I pondered how I could write a book that postively showed faith in action for a person who has been a follower for a long time. And what I came up with was a young (ish) marine who has seen too much of the world and struggles to figure out what he needs to do with himself after he comes home early wounded both physically and emotionally.

Inspiration for this book comes from multiple bible studies I have completed, including but not limited to Breaking Free by Beth Moore, Knight in Shining Armour by P. B. Wilson, and Lord, Is It Warfare? Teach Me To Stand by Kay Arthur.

You, as readers, are key to the message of faith in action being spread out, and you are the ones who I trust to take this book and love it the way I currently do, cry the way I did as I wrote it, and share it the way I am right now.