Where to begin? Three years ago I was just your average unemployed college graduate, then I got the phone call that changed my life. It threw me into a world of gods and demons. Since then my new boss, an elder god only known as Mr. Smith, has sent me time after time on dangerous, crazy, and did I mention dangerous adventures. Through them all I have made friends but mostly enemies and feel it’s time to get some of this down on paper.

In this installment of my life, Mr. Smith receives a prayer from heaven to aide a sleeping child. In his true godly fashion, he sends me in his place. When I get there, I discover that the trouble is not centered on just one child. There is a darker plot behind it all, working in the shadows, and it falls on me to journey through the rabbit hole that could lead to the end of the world as we know it.

People that you will meet in the book:

Henry Morgan-Me, myself, and I. Clerk, Curator, and part time Gofer for the Gods.- I may not have chosen this life but I’ll be damned if I am going to let it kill me.

Detective Joseph Frank- Hard ass, Father, Husband, and Cop (in that order).- My client from my very first job. After I saved him and his family from their haunted house, he has sort of adopted me. When not chasing after the bad guys, or spending time with his wife and the twins, he takes me to the gym to teach me the gentlemanly sport, boxing. The owner of the world’s meanest right hook.

Mr. John N. Smith- Divine Asshole, Forgotten God, and my boss (order depends on his mood).- Mr. Smith, an elder god that has been lost to the pages of history wants to extend his existence but at the same time needs to fly under the radar. How does he accomplish this? By answering the prayers that no other deities would or could, but a god can not act directly. He needs a mortal to act in his stead, he needs a Champion.

Lilianna- Pretty, Intelligent, and Driven (In any order that she sees fit).- I’m not sure if she is here to help me, hurt me, or just use me. What I do know is she is an asset. Not saying she is a thief. All I do know is the last time we met the Golden Apple of Idunn went missing from Mr. Smith’s vault.

Nick Stock- Asshole, Reluctant Helper, Puppet (All at once).- The newest member of Team Henry. I don’t like him and am convinced he HATES me. If not for his magical bloodhound abilities, I would have already thrown him into the wood chipper. He probably planning to kill me as I write this.

Author Section

This story was written on Post-its and loose leaf paper. So if you find any plot holes they are most likely stuck between the cushions of my couch, car seat, or other various places I don’t want to go into.

I was inspired by my love of stories and Mythology. It is my attempt to answer a question that has plagued me since I was young. What happens to a god when nobody believes in them?

I know where I want the story to go but would appreciate advice on how to be a better writer and tighten up my story. Any advice would be helpful since I am so new to this.

Thank you for your time and enjoy Wake up Call.