Welcome readers, to my latest novel W A S D. W A S D is the story of a young farm girl named Samira and how her coming of age is brought about by the tragic loss of family and having destiny thrust upon her. Samira’s story may seem familiar, indeed it may even seem derivative and predictable. There is a reason for this: Samira and her world are not at all what she imagines them to be.

The latest Nerdist Contest here at Inkshares has the fascinating idea of using Video Games as a theme to tell a story. I am not going to give anything away, that would not be fair, but I will say that W A S D holds firm to the premise and slowly but surely will reveal how the theme of Video Game fits into the story. In the end Samira will discover her true identity and purpose and along the way, the meaning of pain and loss.

How can you help? I am very glad you asked. 

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