Hello fellow readers! I would like to introduce myself as J. L. Maynor.

I’m a 30-year-old avid reader of Sci-Fi and Naval Military style books. I also work as a Commercial Truck Driver driving across the country in an 18-Wheeler. The job is mentally demanding but it gives me plenty of time to plot out several book ideas that I have! I have been writing mostly Fan Fiction since my High School days, and one of my passions was always around writing.


Humanity has Finally made it to the stars. After several years of a massive World War that almost wiped out the population of earth, we have united together to form the United Federation of Nations. The First hints of Alien life come from a Discovery of an ancient piece of Technology, a HyperBoui.

Now with several ground breaking technologies, including a Faster-Than-Light drive, Earth will blaze into a new era. Along the way Discovering the true Origins of Humanity, and some Old Threats


The Initial idea came a long time ago, in High School. It actually started out as one of my Fan-Fiction stories in the Star Trek Universe. But I wanted more, I wanted something that could be published, something Unique. WarpStar was born. I spent the next 6 years perfecting the core story, making it my own. I had finally got everything ready to start heavy writing when my Financial situation hit its lowest point. So I started Trucking which gave me even more time to perfect and tweek the plot, characters and story. Unfortunately, it did not give me much time for actual writing, as a result I have been slowly writing it over the last 5 years. I am at a point now where I can dedicate more time for writing than I could in the last 5 years so it’s time to start pumping out the chapters!


One way of helping is by Pre-Ordering the book! This helps raise my goal for production, and distribution! Any and all feedback, positive or negative is welcome! I want the story to be something you would have a blast reading! It still needs Fine tuning and feedback from the readers helps on that!!


There are a few. Some of the Character names, and racial backgrounds are planned for change. Also the title of the book is not set in stone, that may or may not be changed. I need feedback on all of this!!