Hey guys! Sorry for the Absence of an update recently, I had just gotten over a pretty big dose of bronchitis. I Was not able to do any Updates or writing during that time. Sad, I know. But I’m CURED! And I am BACK! Time to finish Chapter 12 and get to it!!!

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So, got excited for Chapter 3? It is one of my favorites! Lets get to 25 Pre orders and Ill share Chapter 4!! 

Here is a small Taste of Chapter 12 ;)

  • What a beautiful Sunny day, he thought. He looked down, his bare feet rustling through the grass, the trees swaying in the wind all around him, children playing joyfully on this warm day. Looking up the Sky is filled with the distant sight of the various Space Stations orbiting the Planet. But something is different, not right. A Cluster of small objects are in the sky that shouldn’t be. Lights, Flashing, Explosions! It was a battle, in space. We are being Invaded! Within seconds the largest of the 12 Visible Space Stations explode, reigning fire in the sky. Then another, and another. Within Minutes all 12 stations had fallen from the sky in a fiery manner. What was this? Panic, Chaos. Screams, the CHILDREN were all crying and screaming for their mommies! An Object starts to decent into the atmosphere, then another, and another. They are heading straight down, not slowing down but in fact Accelerating! What could this be? Impact. Blinding Light. Massive Energy Wave, Annihilating everything in its path. Impact. Impact. Wave of heat and energy washes over him, his flesh being melted from his bones instantly. He’s on a ship now, and a Space Station. Another planet. He was everywhere, and everywhere there was scramming, Crying. Mass Annihilation. Military personnel, Civilians, Women, Children, there was no discrimination in this carnage. Everyone and everything was being wiped away from existence. The Crying, screams of Pain, Agony, Cries for Help “Save us, save my Child’ was all he could hear. More Light. More Fire. Everywhere, Everything. There was no escape. A Blue Skinned Alien appeared, Laughing, Smiling, in pure joy as everything else around him burned.

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Hey guys! Progress is going really well! I am proud to say that the Book is approaching the Half way mark in completion!  Never thought I would get this far! The few people that have read it cant stop talking about it! However we need more support here, Reviews, Preorders, Referrals! Anything helps in the grand scheme of thing!! 

Well I just uploaded chapter 3 for everyone to read, I felt it was a very exciting chapter and I wanted to share it with you all! I hope you enjoy!!
Progress is going well, Had a long week due to work, Work take a lot out of me!! But, Here is a taste of more to come! I am uploading Chapter 2!!!! If we push for more Pre Orders Ill upload chapter 3!! Thanks for the support so far guys! 

Thanks for the support so far! Not much time to write lately but im hard at work on chapter 9! coming out quite Nicely!! I would love to hear your feedback on what is posted so far, I thrive on discussions on the book!!