Voidwalkers is a ’hard space opera,’ somewhere between Star Trek and Firefly, based on the principles of the hypothetical Alcubierre drive, or similar warp bubble technology – faster-than-light travel based on a proposed solution to Einstein’s field equations in general relativity. An unproven theory for now, but, its creator suggested that its implausibility may be resolved by a Casimir Effect, physical forces arising from a quantized field. Life on other worlds would, if it existed, have the same basic tenets of earth’s life – carbon-based, utilizing water-soluble compounds for its biochemical reactions, and so on, but would have evolved in completely unrecognizable ways to us.

Space battles are not flashy, nor loud, but tense and silent, played out against the backdrop of an uncaring void whose careful reverence affects many spacefarers. Law and order are carefully and delicately circumvented by those who manage, and the bold alone see their schemes reach fruition.

My story follows a jaded war-hero-turned-smuggler and her crew, highlighting the ethnic and gender diversity for which good science fiction has always been known. It attempts at its core to bring human arrogance and avarice to the fore of its readers thoughts by pitting them not against paragons, but practical, relatable minds and one slightly crazy person, for whom courage is a costly luxury.