"Vendetta in Valletta" is the second in a planned series of 5 novels in the "Doing the Business" series and is the sequel to "The Sicilian Job". My aim is simple - to make you laugh out loud. The key protagonists in this book are Texan American Telecom (TAT) and La Cosa Nostra, unlikely business partners with unfinished business. The action begins in Germany and proceeds rapidly downhill from there.

I hope that you enjoy this excerpt and I’d love to hear your feedback, particularly whether, or not, you find it funny.

As for me MT-B is my both my brand and nom de plume. The creature bearing that name was born in Sighișoara, Romania on December 25th, 1431. Since being Vlad the Impaler it has undergone many incarnations - Vincent Price, Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, Yekaterina Alexeyevna, Lorena Bobbitt, a prostitute in Victorian Whitechapel, a passenger on the Titanic and a buccaneer executed for treason on the high seas to name but a few. Currently he is manifested as a former businessperson and resides in the UK. He was CEO of a Pan-European telecommunications company, held a number of senior Marketing, Sales and Strategic Development posts in other ITC companies, built forty-eight call centres and has most recently been active in solar farm development and other renewable energy initiatives. Now the poor deluded fool believes that he’s an author!

When living as Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade he knocked off a few saucy tales but never got to sell the movie rights. Since then his wordsmithing has become a tad rusty but he managed to spit out the world’s first dystopian farce in "The Science of the Lambs" an irreverent look at our future history over the coming decade. The critical acclaim was deafening - he still hasn’t heard anything. Undaunted by this popular adulation he recently completed the first book of a series called "Doing the Business". This initial volume is titled "The Sicilian Job" and involves a clash of Business models between a Texan telecommunications company and La Cosa Nostra. Immodestly he claims it is the funniest book about business since Tom Peter’s seminal rib tickler "In Search of Excellence".

In this lifetime he has lived in Germany, Minnesota, Texas and California in addition to the UK. In previous existences he has dwelt in places ranging from the Alaskan wilderness in the North to Tierra del Fuego in the South. He is an inveterate traveller having visited more than sixty countries and has a particular affinity for volcanic tropical islands, dramatic seascapes, deserts, mountains and pubs. He is less keen on swamps, urban blight, taiga, tundra and 80’s revival disco bars.

He has eclectic musical tastes which tend to reflect a primary love of reggae, metal and punk.