His mission was clear, Infiltrate and report. All he had to was wait for the signal then he could go into the building and plant a bug in each office.  It had been 2 hours since the last contact message, the signal should have come by now. What was taking so long. He decided it was time to check in with mission control.                                                              

  “Alpha team to control”

“This is control,  Go ahead Alpha”

“What’s the ETA, on that signal”

“ETA was 10 minutes ago.”

Crap something was seriously wrong, the signal was 10 minutes late and he was on the clock, he had to make his move now , or it would be too late. Slowly he opened his  van  and crossed the street to the underground entrance of the lab. The door was locked. Another bad sign. He took out his tool belt and started working on the door, 30 seconds later he heard the metallic click and the door was unlocked. He had 10 minutes to go in and plant the bug before the guard made his round sweep of the office, and he had to do it quietly without sounding any of the alarms. This was a routine mission for Agent Ross but something told him he was missing something. What was it his training officer had told him "there is no such thing as coincidence, if something is not going according to plan , it usually spelt danger.” He continued manoeuvring through the building setting up all the bugs, when all of a sudden he realised why the signal had not come around. His contact was lying on the floor with a slit throat. Who else was in here , usually it was just the guards , and they would have no reason to slice his throat like this, this guy works here. His mission was clear, infiltrate and report, nowhere did it say anything about fighting or killing anyone, its time to abort .