Hunter Vale came back from the war to follow a childhood dream: to explore the farthest reaches of space . It was a notion that pursued him all throughout life: to abandon the dull confines of old colonial worlds and space stations, to leave military service and to strike out in search of hidden wonders that the galaxy had to offer.

The stars watched his path in silence, afraid of what would come. The garden world of Demeter slept on the edges of the explored galaxy.

It too, had dreams of its own.

About me (the author):

First, a cowardly disclaimer: English is my second language, though I admit my knowledge of it is decent, considering the circumstances. Writing has been a sporadic hobby of mine for years. Reading has been a lifeline since I was six.

This is the first time I’m posting anything anywhere. So while I welcome constructive criticism, I would appreciate a touch of friendliness in it. But most importantly, I hope the things I write will bring you some enjoyment. Cheers.