If your life is turned inside-out twice, does everything go back to the way it was?

For KERF, an orphan trapped mining an asteroid, the answer is no way. Not when he is rescued by JOM, the head of THE GALACTIC ORDER. JOM needs a successor who would sacrifice himself for the greater good as well as a victim for his insatiable lust.

And, if they were one and the same? All the better.

KERF had no idea he’d landed in the middle of galactic civil war. His life is turned inside out again when he is subsequently captured by rebels of THE FREE. His sexual and cultural identities, forged by learning to read the raunchiest and only comic he ever knew existed, GUNG HO AND LITTLE PLUCK, now awake in the first stirrings of love for the only other human in the quadrant, ALESUND. But JOM, driven by an indomitable lust and need to feed, will not rest until KERF is his alone.

The transgressive genderqueer adult sci-fi novel UP, DOWN, OUT, complete at 51,000 words, reads as if Umberto Eco’s THE MYSTERIOUS FLAME OF QUEEN LOANA meets Kurt Vonnegut’s SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE. The novel explores sexual identity and fluidity in space opera and the imagined mix of industrial propaganda and Tijuana Bibles called GUNG HO AND LITTLE PLUCK that is a story within the story. The author’s previously self-published transgressive and genderqueer adult sci-fi, SONATA: A FANTASY IN ONE MOVEMENT, is available on Amazon and iTunes.

C.J. Pitchford lives in Denver, Colorado and once tried to save the world using an almost magical ability to program computers, phones and tablets. He is also the author of the paranormal historical fiction series, THE HELLEBORINE CHRONICLES, available on Amazon and iTunes.