Thousands of years ago, the planet of the P’ɑnǀetʲiʒ fell to nuclear war, with very few survivors escaping into space. For centuries, they remained in orbit around their home, hoping that one day it would be inhabitable again. But, when the radiation showed no sign of waning, they finally conceded to venture out into space in search of a new home. On their travels, they passed several inhabited planets but, without the right conditions for their survival, all the P’anǀetʲiʒ could do was resupply, collect data, and move on.

Our story begins as they come upon a strange blue and green planet. The conditions aren’t perfect - a little more methane in the atmosphere than they’re use to - but, with the right ecosystem, they might finally be able to leave the vast expanse of space for a new home on solid ground.

Most of them are prepared to adapt and coexist with any existing organisms. But that won’t last once they finally meet the humans.

About the Author

Amber was raised in a small town Tennessee. She’s been a book lover since kindergarten, and an aspiring author since her undergraduate years at NYU, but she’s just now finally making her way into the writing world. Now, Amber attends graduate school at UCSD in San Diego and, when she’s not TAing, doing coursework, or working on research, she’s fostering the universes waiting to move from her mind to the paper.


Thank you for checking out my draft! Let me know if you have any ideas on how to make this story better!

If you’re wondering how to pronounce P’ɑnǀetʲiʒ, here’s a tutorial:

p’ is an ejective /p/
ɑ is a shorter version of the first vowel in father
nǀ is a nasalized dental click
e is close to the sound /ay/
tʲ is a palatalized /t/, making it sound close to /ch/
i is close to the sound /ee/
ʒ is the sound you make for the [s] in visual