Babette Campbell
I am ready for more!! Poetry and depravity, leaving me in wonder of how the story will evolve. Great job, Todd!
Michael Ostrowski
Mr. Wonkka's writing style is blast of pure adrenaline to the heart. As you devour both the prose and story, you'll want to keep coming back for more. What I've read of Under the Rug has impressed me immensely, and I cannot wait to see more!
Norman F Mauz
It's obvious that Todd Wonkka has put his blood , sweat and life experiences into this heartfelt novel. Todd definitely has a gift to tell his story with a unique descriptive style. I found myself wanting to read more from this first time novelist.
Reader Writer
As someone who lived in Los Angeles it took me back to those days both the good and bad. I hope you can enjoy Todd’s story telling as much and I did. There is no denying the amount of passion, love and commitment put into this book.
Reader Writer
After reading the first 6 chapters as a sample, I must say this book is very intriguing. Todd has a great story to be told, I would recommend to anyone.
Janie Gould Licosati
Clever and exciting. I loved this book! Kind of Hollywood Noir with so many interesting characters and wonderful writing.