The Uncorking a Murder podcast took the nation by storm. Farrah Graham, the creator and host, struck a nerve with the US public through a ten-episode serial that combined investigative journalism, old fashioned radio drama, and compelling storytelling. Young people loved it because it was distributed through a medium that their generation helped popularize and older people loved it because it was nostalgic, reminding them of a simpler time.

The public, not to mention Farrah’s advertisers, are hungry for season two! While Farrah and her partner Melody struggle to agree on a topic for the second season of Uncorking a Murder, their intern takes a call from a retired detective in Ft. Lauderdale pitching his request that the next season focus on a case he was involved with five years earlier. Curious to hear why a retired detective is driven to have a conviction overturned, Farrah follows her curiosity down to Ft. Lauderdale where she uncovers a conspiracy bigger than she could possibly have imagined; but will she live long enough to tell the story?

Adult readers who enjoy traditional suspense novels along the lines of Michael Connelly’s works combined with the tone of a Jonathan Tropper Novel, won’t be able to put down Uncorking a Murder.