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"The thoughts sped along the road, the chasm of John’s mind, curving this way and that. Construction was unavoidable, noise, at every stop and detour. A shaken mind now a wasteland where all the pieces were scattered among the desolate highway. His thoughts cried louder as the eminent blackout approached..."

U-Turn (Originally titled The Mind’s Journey) was first penned in 2009 during my participation in NaNoWriMo. Since then I have wrestled with revision and second draft(s). Time for this book to leave my mind, and drive off into the sunset.


During a time when I was very ill in college one weekend, I experienced a feverish dream where I still remember textures, sounds, faces, and beings. Most importantly was how my body and mind felt. I decided to write this down and hold on to it for later. A month later was a similar dream, only I was in a different role, and while I was surviving the new dream I saw my alternate self from the first dream in the same broken future of 3027. To put it simply, it was the closest thing to a drug addled state of mind I would ever be in, and this is coming from a person who has never done recreational drugs, let alone the hard stuff.


Imagine waking up from a drunken stupor with a headache so bad you want to find a speeding car breaking speeds of 90+ mph and jump in front of it, end the barrage of thumping. You are sore all over, and you have no clue as to where all the blood that is on you has come from and whether or not it is yours. This all leads up to pissing off a local gang and getting punched in the face because you may or may not have stolen something from them. John has done this and so much more.

To answer these burning questions and save your own life the only thing you can do is relive this bizarre dream that keeps racing around inside your head:

Trapped in the informational highway of Johnny’s mind, a great race, The Zerseck 6,000 Tri-Universal, is happening, and he is living through the eyes of one of its main competitors, along with a madcap slew of opponents, including a trusted coach Zal who oddly reminds John of his friend Jerry.

Jumping from the present to the year of 3027, two stories intertwined as one; John is faced with the ongoing terror of the end of human kind by an unknown evil and his current state of mind crumbling before his very eyes as he finds out what happens in the final hours of the Zerseck Tri-Universal.


There is nothing John or anyone else can do. He has to take on the road of his fractured psyche; no going back. Before he goes off the deep end, he has to take a U-Turn at the Next Synapse.