Dave Barrett
CoRy has described a world - no, two worlds - in fascinating detail as his protagonist bounces back and forth between present day and the far future.  A very interesting read!
Robert Wren
Check out the video for Ophelia, Doll and see if this book is right for you! I appreciate the support of readers and hope you'll enjoy the available preview chapters enough to consider pre-ordering! Thank you!
Reader Writer
Great read!!!
Andrea Jackson
Dreams and blackouts, check this one out
Tristen S Pennington
This looks to be a really cool read. Check it out!
Joseph Terzieva
This book just passed 250. Help it get to 750! It has a race called the Zerzeck 6,000 Tri Universal inside the protagonist's brain. If that doesn't get you going what does?
Janna Grace
Wyszynski throws the reader into two completely different worlds and masterfully swings back and forth between the two. There is a stark, almost grit, to his writing and it pulls the reader forward into a story of triumph and tragedy. From the first line, I was hooked. Don't let this one pass you by!