The Snoring Princess of Evermore

The Snoring Princess of Evermore

Hark! Hear of the Princess of the Castle Evermore

Her beauty was renowned but then again, so was her snore.

Her Mother Sweet Brume-Hilda and her Dear Old Dad the King,

Couldn’t stop the snoring, though they tried most everything.

Her father would get migraines and her mother often wept,

Cause she shook the castle flagstones in the evening when she slept.

And you couldn’t hear the bustle of the peasants calling hogs,

Cause the princess in the Palace was asleep and sawing logs.

They offered a reward to all the witches of repute,

But ox’s blood just didn’t help, and nor did Eye of newt.

They heard a nearby kingdom had a new magician-laureate,

But her highness heard his spells, then went to sleep and kept a’snorin yet.

One day there rode up to the gates, a prince all clad in white.

He said “Have I reached Evermore?” They said, “you got it right.

Are you here to see the princess like so many men before?”

He said “yes, but not for beauty Ma’am, I like a girl who snores.”