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A little about me:

I grew up in the North Carolina Mountains, where my parents quickly taught me all I need to know about life. My mom introduced me to poets such as Robert Service, Shel Silverstein, and John Prine. My dad taught me how to fish, play the guitar, and sing off key. Somewhere in there, my grandmother gave me a set of watercolor paints.

Today, I live in Hillsborough, NC with my husband (Sean), daughter (Millie), son (Ben), and Dog (Cricket Monster). In my free time, I love to knit, garden, and of course---write. I especially love to write things that make people smile.

A little about this book:

The idea for this book came from the stories I make up for my daughter, Millie and her friends. In the world of "Twisted Tales" there are snoring Princesses, and Saber-toothed marshmallows. There’s a crocodile who loves eating babies but hates eating vegetables. And there are a couple of poems that make you want to curl up with your kid on your lap, and read books in a rainstorm.

To see some sample poems and illustrations, visit my website: 


Thanks in advance for your help,