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“E Pluribus Service”
General Anthony C. Zinni, USMC (Ret.) and Author of Before the First Shots are Fired
Chris Holshek has written a brilliant account of his journey through our great land. His reflections, life lessons, and interpretations of his experiences are true gems that are well worth the read. He has captured the meaning of his lifelong service to our Nation and to the real nature of our greatness.
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A Veteran's Motorcycle Odyssey
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Of Humans and Hardware
The Motorcyclist’s Post
Travels with Harley is both a stirring memoir and a powerful call to find personal and national identity.
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Mosul and America’s bipolar power disorder: We are still unable to work the spaces between war and peace
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What can you expect when the citizenry of the most powerful nation in the world knows so little about it?
Robert V. Sicina, Executive in Residence at The American University Kogod School of Business and former president of American Express Bank Ltd.
Always thoughtful and often profound, Chris Holshek’s observations are also exhilarating and inspiring... an entertaining and educational read.
Anne-Marie Slaughter, Professor Emerita of Politics & International Affairs, Princeton University, and President & CEO, New America Foundation
Travels with Harley could equally be titled, 'National Security and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,' including a set of ruminations on the history, geography, politics, and personalities of the United States. It is never clear where Holshek is going next, literally and figuratively, but the trip is invariably insightful and refreshing.
General James N. Mattis (Ret.), United States Marine Corps
A well-crafted memoir that captures the tone of our times yet embraces timeless elements that contribute to defining who we are. Given voice by one of those who lived it [Holshek's] experiences and reflections on what it means to be American in these times are both penetrating and refreshing—an antidote to pessimism and a reminder of what makes life worth living.