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Launch Date: May 1, 2018!

When Damaus put his name in for the Traveler’s Cup he wasn’t expecting to be chosen. He did it as a joke--something to impress Westalyn Chi Soha with, to make sure she found him interesting. But when his highborn name is called out of forty-thousand Grey, he has no choice. Turns out the Lumen people aren’t exempt from their own laws.

Now he’s being boarded onto a military-grade starship about to be launched toward the far ends of the galaxy, hoping to make it there alive. No one has completed this mission. Tri-annually for centuries the Lumen have sent ships, and not once have they returned. No one knows what’s out there, but they suspect their home planet still exists, and on it might be their ancestral treasure.

If Damaus tries to escape, goes off-course, or returns empty-handed, he’s dead. If the crew plunges on toward the Lumen homeland, they’re also dead. For Damaus and his crew full of second-class citizens, this is about deciding which option is worth dying for.


Proceeds from The Traveler’s Cup will now be going to BuildOn—a charity that focuses on education and world literacy.

I’ve partnered with BuildOn’s adult literacy program, which helps adults in developing countries learn to read and write. We as avid readers often take the skills we have for granted. But imagine what your life would look like if you couldn’t decipher words, or even letters. If you were never expected to learn things our society considers essential. BuildOn is working to change that, and it’s a movement I want to be a part of.

Since the Quill goal was met (250 pre-orders) 25% of the proceeds that would normally go to me will be given to them. 

If you’d like to find out more about BuildOn, their website has lots of information on their various programs.