TORTAIN:THE SINS OF A CITY, while being a stand-alone story is the first opportunity to explore the rich and vibrant world of Hersonas, a world I have been creating for the last few years. It started when I had just discarded a previous world I had been working on ;. At the time I decided I really wanted to work on something with a magic system that was action packed and larger-than-life. Once I had the magic system, I decided to make a world for It to go in, inspired by amazing cultures and shocking events throughout history. The strange thing was once I really got stuck into the world design I realised that this world this Hersonas was so much more than its magic and it took a life of its own. In fact the magic system had to be changed to better fit such an interesting and exciting place without breaking the immersion.

Though I didn’t know its name until much later the city of Tortain was always meant to be the first place both readers and myself would explore in this world. a large teeming city in an important location. Run by the conflicting interests of a council made of nobles, the church, the arcanists and the wealthy. A place with a strict class system and set beliefs that are being challenged by the changing times.

Hi everyone my name is Wesson Jewell, I strongly believe that a good author draws from their own lived experiences, to flavour their stories and create something unique to them. As such here are a few things about me that I believe have influenced Tortain.

I was born and currently live in Australia, something that I am very thankful for. I am at the wrong end of my twenties but almost at the good end of my thirties. Though it has been my dream I have been putting off writing for too long in favour of more "sensible" and safer pursuits, but it’s now time to take a risk and a chance.

I recently graduated from university with a degree in Justice majoring in Criminology and Policing, and am doing my honours. So you can expect elements of crime, policing and injustice within Tortain.

Like many here I love stories in all their mediums, because of this imagery is very important to me.

I am and always will be an avid gamer of all forms, I especially like social team based games. As part of this I have run many Role Play games and like them, I wasn’t you to feel part of the adventure of Tortain.

Lastly I have been really fortunate in that when life has been particularly challenging, I have had some truly incredible stories to enjoy and to make things a bit easier, such as Eric Flint’s Forward the Mage, Raymond E. Feist’s novels and The Sopranos. My greatest goal as an author would be to pay this forward and have my stories give others some genuine happiness.

As I earlier mentioned, I want my readers to be part of the adventure of Tortain. I mean this both when reading and also in the creative stages. I want to hear from you all, to let me know what you like and what you don’t. The chapters I am putting up are draft and will likely change many times as will the story, as I turn it from a well-developed plan into a published book. So please let me know what you think as I am not writing this just for me, but to share and to be enjoyed.