Hi there Torn Pages supporters.

I want to share with you some of the amazing work that I have been putting in to revamp my approach at offering my story to others. I have created a whole new piece called The Enchanted Sacred Garden Series, which consists of 6 whimsical characters based loosely on the content of my memoir. 

I wanted to make my story approachable and digestable and the draft that I started last year was just too raw in it’s original form.

I have created archetypes for different aspects of my story- Mermaid, Fairy, Unicorn, Dragon, Earth Goddess, and Phoenix.

You can stay updated on all progress and the release dates on the Facebook page linked to my work here:


Thank you again for all of your support, and I hope you stay connected to the journey!

-from my heart to yours..

Angie R.

It is with a heavy heart that I share this final update.  

After sitting with this decision, I am pursuing stepping away from pushing Torn Pages to be published through the Inkshares platform. I have not gained the amount of support necessary in order to publish, nor will I make it by Dec. In fact, I have noticed two people have dropped their pledge to back the book .

I will be looking into self-publishing options in the new year, and will put this project on hold until 2017. Thank you to ALL who offered support, and I truly appreciate all of those who invested not only money in seeing this project come to fruition, but time and energy in helping me move forward with reassurance and necessary pep talks along the way. I am very grateful!

- Angie

Happy Saturday everyone!

Who here knows what September 19th is?  Why, it’s International Talk like a Pirate Day, of course!

I am tacking on an extra bonus for everyone who has purchased a hard copy of Torn Pages, and this offer is good moving forward for anyone who supports by pre-ordering the hard copy.

I am releasing a whimsical self-discovery workbook called Pirate’s Guide to Finding Inner Booty on Monday. It’s jam packed with downloadable worksheets where the reader takes an adventure via treasure map to finding and claiming their inner value and worth. Inner work never felt SO FUN!

The reader interacts with mermaids, spirit animals, fairies, unicorns, and battles the inner critic, Dread Pirate Scowling Scallywag. It’s been a blast creating, and it is a special gift to my wonderful supporters.

Not quite sure what you’re getting yourself into?  I am holding a GIVEAWAY at 2 pm CST, and you can enter for the drawing for a sample of workbook for free.

If you’re interested, you can find the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1138902492798226/

Thanks to all of the fantastic support, and I wish you luck on your pirate adventures!



Good morning everyone!

I wanted to update you all on a couple of things. I just uploaded an updated version of Part One: Shredded, to include the Prologue.

I am also still working on compiling artwork to display on the Torn Pages website that is still under construction.

I have already gathered two testimonies to add to the video as part of the awareness project #HelpBreaktheSilence.

I am actively posting updates on the Facbook group, which you can connect to if you feel inclined to stay updated through social media.


What have I learned up to this point? Publishing is difficult. Publishing a memoir is difficult. Publishing a memoir about abuse is... near impossible.

It has taken me seven years to make it this far, and I still have to pep talk myself every day.

So much is at stake putting my story out there. I’ve considered chucking this thing and walking away almost daily since I hit submit.

But I know, through and through, that all of this is vital to my healing.

20 out of 750 feels so daunting, especially when I am pitching my story mostly to strangers.

Today I spent a lot of time listening and practicing self-care tools to help move forward.

This journey isn’t over yet, even if progress feels small.

I send support to all of you out there who are risking putting your work out there for the world to see.

It’s huge to lay our pearls before the world, and I hope that your work, as well as mine, is well received and flourishes with all that you hope to reach.

Thank you for your support, for I truly cannot do this alone.


Hey everyone! Hope the weekend is treating you well.

I’ve got some pretty amazing news I would like to share. I was recently approached by a wonderful couple named Becky and Jason McCleery. These two are a complete blessing, who are thrilled about assisting me with setting up my author page and marketing platform as I continue to work on the memoir. Jason will be creating the website to display all of the artwork that will be included, as well as the video of testimonials that I have been collecting. Together, in a powerful partnership, we are creating the meaningful message behind Torn Pages to build ongoing support and energy. You can learn more about them here:


As soon as the video is edited, I will be adding it to the Torn Pages Inkshares page, and will be sharing it on multiple social media sites.

I can’t wait to share all of this amazing energy that so many people are coming together to create... all in support of me sharing my voice with others.

Stay tuned, and I will be plugging away on more artwork and editing.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

-Angie R.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I’ve been working on an awareness marketing campaign.

I’ve decided... in order to maintain the vision of this book, I need to approach promoting it with awareness in mind, not with a focus on selling copies of the book. I’m starting an Instagram #‎helpbreakthesilence campaign, where I will utilize social media to share all of the reasons why breaking the silence of childhood sexual abuse is crucial. Any of Torn Pages followers are welcome to join. I will be posting a video soon, with five people offering their verbal testament as to why breaking the silence of childhood sexual abuse is important to them.

This is a call to action to support me in my own journey of breaking my silence. If I don’t make it to 250 copies pre-sold, I will still be serving the bigger picture of why this was written. 

Join the support on social media here:


or  here:


Share your own message on Instagram of why it’s important to you, if you feel called to support in that way. Post an image with a written message of why breaking the silence is important to you and your loved ones and use the following tag  #helpbreakthesilence @TornPagesMemoir

 Have a blessed rest of the weekend!

-Angie R.

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are having an amazing weekend so far. I’ve been creating art and revising content for Intricate Catalyst,  the second part of Torn Pages. The art I have been working on  was created with the theme of embracing the inner villains of guilt, shame, and fear in mind , in the form of fairytale characters. Intricate Catalyst dives into the journey towards recovery from alcoholism and addiction, confronts my difficulties with accessing faith and my turbulent relationship to organized religion, and starts to reveal the process that I went through to access tools to address my PTSD. June was PTSD awareness month, and alot of what I spent time  with in June with my writing was looking at the importance of an effective and consistent self-care regimen full of  compassion towards my limitations as a survivor. As we move into July, I am reminded to be mindful that fireworks are a trigger for some ,including myself.  

I was also interviewed recently regarding my relationship to art , my creative voice, and the story behind Torn Pages.  You can read more here : http://www.expressiveartworkshops.com/narrative-therapy/healing-stories/angela-rooker-author-poet-artist/

*note * the color tones were altered to the artwork that I submitted , so what you see on that page is not what the original artwork looks like.  

Thank you all, I hope you have a great holiday and week!  

-Angie R .  

I wanted to share with my supporters about perks that will be available.

Since the E-Reader supporters won’t be getting a hand-signed copy of the book, I will be offering a short story, that has been submitted to a writing contest, and will be referenced in the book. If you are interested in receiving a framed, signed copy, just message me directly and I will have those available once we get closer to December...

Those that have purchased the printed book, you will all get a chance to receive an individualized original piece of artwork based on the theme of your choice:

Reclaiming Voice




or  Resilience

To those that support by buying bulk orders, I am constructing a travelling community project called Journey to the Wounded Voice, and I will be a guest speaker and presenter at locations that purchase pre-sale orders in bulk.

Thank you again for all of your support!


The wee hours have pulled me, once again, to this place of creation...

Hi everyone!

I wanted to send an update about a concept that came to mind as a creative strategy for marketing Torn Pages to the audience it was created for.

I have come up with a unique marketing concept to present to specific community organizations and programs. It is the concept of a travelling community project called Journey to the Wounded Voice. The concept consists of collaborating with community partners in specific locations to host an awareness event throughout March, April, and May of next year with sexual violence, child abuse, and mental health awareness in mind.

What would this entail?
• A dedicated commitment from each selected organization to pre-order a minimum of 10 copies of the manuscript to have available at the event, where I will provide some of my own poetry, artwork, and can act as a keynote speaker to share about my story as a survivor.
• A collaboration between myself and the selected organizations to coordinate and plan an event that encourages their local community members, who are artists, poets, musicians, dancers, to come together as a showcase of talent highlighting the importance of advocating for all of these community issues.

My marketing strategy is to pre-select organizations and programs within specific cities that are supporters of advocacy in one or all of those areas. Cities in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado are what make up this pre-selected route.

As a mom and wife, I take into consideration the time and energy that it takes to travel and promote within the context of a book tour, and have limited the route to those specific areas to begin with to be mindful of my family’s needs.

How can you, a supporter of Torn Pages, help?

If you currently live in, or have contacts that live in any of those states, could you reach out to me ? I have specific cities in mind, and don’t want to go into the list, but if you could message me if you currently live or have people in your circle that live in those areas, I would greatly appreciate it.

No one loves the value of a cold call like me, but a warm connection is always welcome.

But something else to consider.....
This is for all of you out there who may be struggling with finding and securing the support for your own manuscripts.

Who is your niche? Who did you write your book for?
Can you think of creative ways to reach out to your specific niche to gain more support to keep your journey moving forward?
Writers circles, college student organizations dedicated to your niche and genre, for all of the sci-fi authors- connecting with local coffee shops or comic book stores to set up a book tour for their customers.  

How can you create a fun and engaging way to build support for yourself?  *mic drop*

That’s it... I am going to attempt to hit the sack, but I offer continued gratitude
to all of you awesome supporters, and I wish you a fantastic week!

-Angie R. 

Ea15ca9662607272c68db6a15bce0f14 David L · Reader · added over 1 year ago
Torn Pages speaks profoundly. Trauma is so difficult to manage authentically, but Angela does, perhaps because she is so brave and honest, and her prose is celestial. I think it could heal just about anything. And then there’s her poetry...

I think many of us are looking for what she is doing. So I hope she keeps writing and writing, Moments were really hard to read. Went through five years myself under a very, very messed up priest when I was a boy. Five years. I write a lot about healing myself, and the need of it. But never share this way. This work gives.