Hello! Thanks for stopping by my inkshares entry! I’m an aspiring fantasy adventure novelist (and naturally a long time reader). I work at a trendy design agency by day, but write, draw, sew and go on merry adventures by night and weekends! To Save A World is a fantasy adventure novel with more than a few twists for the reader, and a good bit of romantic intrigue thrown in as well. When you read the book, hopefully you will feel catapulted (softly) into the post-apocalyptic world of Raashan, which the gods deserted years ago. Come along with (*ahem* in order of appearence) Eithne, Darian, Aram, Yocelin and Giev as they start off on a quest for a great magical artifact, but come to find out that they have a much heavier responsibility on their shoulders....which they aren’t entirely sure they want to accept. What can you do? Life just isn’t meant to be fair, but there’s usually a silver lining.

Hope you enjoy the read, and please let me know if you like it! I’d love to have the chance to share my work with all of you!