So, I’m officially published!!!!  My book will soon be available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and ebook!  Thank you all for your continued support and please check out To Save a World on Amazon if you would like to see what happens next in the story!
I must apologize for being away so long.  Holidays, travel...I'm sure you all understand.  To make up for my absence, here are chapters seven through ten.  These chapters are where the action really starts rolling!  You also get to meet two more main characters that I hope you will come to love as much as I do.  Happy 2016!

All, thank you for the support!  My October is always full of family events and birthdays, so apologies for being quiet for a bit.  Please enjoy Chapters five and six of To Save a World.  In these chapters you get a glimpse into further character development and growth as well as moving forward with the quest.  Hopefully, you will all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

Hello again!  Just uploaded chapters three and four to my little corner of Inkshares!  Thank you again for all of your support and I will continue to upload so long as you want to keep reading.  Hope you enjoy them very much.  These are the chapters where the journey really begins!

All, thank you for all the support!  I'm still new to Inkshares, so just realized that I can actually upload more chapters of my book for you to continue the literary journey!  Please forgive my lack of action on this front up until now.  Hope you will enjoy it as much or more than the first chapter.  Promise to start posting more regularly now that I understand better how to use the site.  More chapters to come!

Picture Heather Feather · Reader · added over 7 years ago
Pre-ordered my copy!  Good luck Holl
Picture Ashley French George · Reader · added over 7 years ago
Loved the book! I hope to see it in print soon!
Picture Michelle Lee Page · Reader · added over 7 years ago
This was an excellent read! I found myself wanting to read more!