Rule of the gods

(The Series)

After the great wars of man left the world in ruins, primordial gods returned from exile to reshape all that was. Mythological creatures now roam the land, magic abounds and savage metal killing machines known as harvesters prowl unchecked. Wandering memory wiped mech-noids search for their identity after their designers and purpose have long since passed. Europe is ravaged by a dark age of war. Humans and the ancient races of Elves, Dwarves and Atlanteans fight for dominance, battling to reclaim ancient technology.

To Kill a King

(Book One)

Against this backdrop, Prince Crafræl decries the king’s diabolic plan to raise a long dead Titan. Joined by a mysterious group of shunned knights, Crafræl may have to sacrifice all he has left in a desperate gambit to get close enough to his father the warrior king, and kill him. Willing to cross the line, he fears he may have sacrificed his soul in service to the goddess Mytheras and stands trial before the dread inquisition of Atlantis.

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.” Beyond Good and Evil — Nietzsche.

About the Author

I’ve had the seed of this novel in my head for ten years with a lot of extra plot and world development ready to pour into further writing - enough to write several different series as well as short stories. The book is NOT a work in progress (with lots of holes to fill in), it is a finished book which could use some of the editing help that comes through Inkshares. By pledging your support, you’re helping me reach a wider audience and, most importantly, support the writing of the sequels.