The Story

In 1941, Eugene escaped the Laughlin Center for Genetic Research, using a little luck and his gift of "time displacement."

In 1986, Alessandra Sartore (Ageless) found him and changed his life forever.

Here’s what happened in the forty-five years between.

*An indirect sequel to Ageless.

Praise for Ageless

Ageless - A Sword and Laser Contest winner here on

"Ageless shines is in its ability to combine sci-fi themes with world history in a way that feels believable and memorable." ―

"Ageless is a compelling adventure populated with dynamic characters, and it’s thought provoking. Books don’t get much better than that." ―

"I could picture this book being adapted as a summer blockbuster film." ―

"Excellent." ―Philadelphia Weekly Press

"Ageless showcases a mind full of ideas and complexities...pose(s) questions of morality, mortality, and the subjective states of good and evil." ―The Sun News

"Ageless is a debut for the ages and Inman is a talented new writer for readers to watch out for." ―

"I couldn’t read the pages fast enough (yes, I did stay up until 2:00 A.M. one morning to finish it)." ―

"Just great characters, a compelling story and an excellent ‘what if?’..." ―

"An elaborate story that challenges our inner detective. The intricate plot is a fascinating puzzle to navigate and enjoy." ―J-F Dubeau, author of A God In The Shed and The Life Engineered

"Fans of Lost or late Claremont X-men will feel right at home in this piece." ―G. Derek Adams, author of Asteroid Made Of Dragons

"I really enjoyed this story and look forward to Inman’s next outing." ―Dave Barrett, author of It’s All Fun and Games

"A fascinating complex read that you’ll love reading. Not a disappointment in it." ―Brian Guthrie, author of Rise and After Man

"Crisp, enticing and creative." ―Ricardo Henriquez, author of The Catcher’s Trap

"An original spin on eternal life...very much enjoyed the read." ―Craig Munro, author of Bones of the Past

"Powerful concept. Engaging Characters. Pretty much everything you want in a book..." ―Rick Heinz, author of The Seventh Age: Dawn

About the Author

Paul Inman has a passion for storytelling across many platforms, including all styles of music, short films, podcasts, and different genres of writing. As a graduate of Coastal Carolina University, he holds a BA in music performance and an MA in teaching. His debut novel, Ageless, is one of the winning entries in the Sword & Laser Collection Contest from Inkshares.

He currently teaches chorus at Myrtle Beach Middle School and lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with his amazing wife, Kim, and wonderful daughter, Parker.