Chapter One

     It was only eight in the morning, so the slight chill was not quite a surprise.

      Days in May were usually on the warmer side, so the cool, brisk morning was appreciated by Luke as he made his way down the sidewalk on his bike. Luke enjoyed cool weather, but the hotter the days were, the happier he was. The heat and bright, sunny sky reminded him that summer was very close, and the school year was not so much. It was going to be his final year at his high school, and he was thankful that he was finally about to get out of the place, and make his way out into the real world. University, a career, the works. Though now, he just wanted to focus on the school-free summer days ahead of him. 

      Summer usually meant biking and hiking. Swimming was an option, but Luke didn’t enjoy pools and lakes as much as the ocean, which was several states away. Large forests were abundant around Luke’s town. They covered the outskirts, and the only disadvantage of them was having to be careful while driving at night, as deer would occasionally wonder onto the roads.

      Luke usually didn’t take his bike onto the roads, he believed his wheels where meant in the forest. He would wake up early some mornings, and ride his bike out to the wooded lands which were, fortunately, not far from his house. His bike was a sturdy mountain bike, and rode wonderfully on the forest floor. Running and bumping over rocks, branches, shrubs, and uneven ground was not a challenge. He did wear a helmet, and padding. Falling onto a rock or sharp stick wasn’t a joy, and it made his mother worry less.

      He often thought about being in competitive, televised bike events. It was quite the dream, but unfortunately majoring in bike riding wasn’t a thing. However, there was another reason he like to ride in the forest. 

     In fact, his joy of the sport was mainly a cover to begin with, until he came to actually enjoy it. He like to take his hobby to the lonely woods because of the fact they were lonely. He wanted privacy. Away from the eyes of the townspeople, and the drivers and pedestrians. 

     He couldn’t let them see or know what he truly was., and what he truly was, was a mystery to him. It could change his life if someone knew. No one knew. Not his mother, or father, or brother. Only himself.

      In the forest, where he was alone, he could be himself. That’s where he made things move.