I don’t just have good news about my book, This Red Fire. I have the BEST news!


Greg Silverman’s Stampede Ventures is optioning This Red Fire for a film project. You can learn more by clicking the link, below. I am so grateful to Launch Pad, Inkshares, and Mr. Silverman for this incredible opportunity!       


Thank YOU for believing in my book. 


Hi guys,

This Red Fire did not reach its goal for publication with Inkshares. Thank you so much for rooting me on as I try to achieve my dream. I’ll never forget your support. This Red Fire may still see the light of day as I have been offered agent representation. I could not be more excited! 

Per the Inkshares business model, you get a refund if the book does not make its goal. If you have not received a refund, contact Inkshares at hello@inkshares.com and let them know.

Have a great new year,



We’re winding into the final days of this “Kickstarter for books” project and all I want for Christmas is to publish! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is going to happen so Inkshares will be refunding your pre-orders shortly after the campaign ends. This was not as easy as I thought it would be. I will always remember and appreciate your support. You guys are the best. After this, I will be going about publishing the old-fashioned way by finding a literary agent.

On a brighter note, check out THE GREATEST HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR BOOKWORMS on my landing page at https://nicolinatorres.com/. I warn you, though. You may be in danger of buying too much for yourself!

Love you guys.



In order to get published by Inkshares I have to make a total goal of 250 pre-orders within a month. I know, I know but miracles do happen. If those who already pre-ordered could just convince one friend to do the same, This Red Fire might just make it! I’m working hard on my end because I hope to get it in your hands one day. Thank you for supporting my book!

Love, Nikki

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve uploaded the third chapter from This Red Fire!

Chapter 3 – The Cavalry

A neighboring police department provides some relief for Sheriff Hartley and her men but she soon regrets her decision to call them for help. A discovery is made at a farmhouse that gives investigators, hope. 

Thank you for your support!


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Fantastic news!
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This Red Fire has made the TOP 10 in the Launch Pad Competition!! I never dreamed it would get this far. I’m dancing all over the house right now. Thank you to everyone who has followed or ordered my book in this Inkshares portion of the contest! https://tblaunchpad.com/script/contests/9

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that’s intense!


…most of the characters in This Red Fire are named after real-life missing people whose cases have gone cold? I did this hoping that it would give their stories more attention as most are over 30 years old and practically forgotten. Read more about Evelyn Grace Hartley’s case (the one closest to my heart) HERE.

A special thank you to my newest supporters. Thank you for your pre-orders!! 

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