THIS NEVER HAPPENED is my third unpublished novel. It is a 95,000-word work of Speculative Fiction. A dark, suspenseful and sometimes frightening look into the ideas of identity, reality, love, life and death. Winding through a patchwork of allusions and clues, readers will slowly piece the truth together as the protagonist does, while simultaneously considering the possibility that he just might actually be losing his grip on reality.

What if the worst moments in your life were also the best moments within the dreams of others? For Cepik Small, the line between dream and reality has always blurred, and he’s unaware that when he sleeps he is vicariously experiencing the life of another Cepik Small: his counterpart from an alternate world. This parallel world manifested itself in the exact moment that each was born and the two boys were accidentally born on their opposite Earths.

Cepik (or Epic, as he is called by friends) also suffers from the cognitive disorder known as prosopagnosia: the inability to recognize and remember faces. With every person he meets there comes the difficulty of figuring out whether he’s met them before. Maybe in his life, maybe in his parallel one, or perhaps not at all. When Epic meets the bold and blithe Abigail Ayr, he is confounded by his unexpected ability to recognize her, when he knows he shouldn’t. And Abigail shares the same, inexplicable connection. Together, the two discover the answer lies somewhere within an unusual novel Epic finds on the subway that mirrors his own life, the sudden and questionable changes to his prescription medication, a virtual reality MMORPG, and otherworldly shadows that only materialize in the tiniest fractions of moments. Ultimately, Epic is faced with the biggest decision he never believed was possible: to cross over into the parallel world where he was meant to be or to stay where he is with the familiarity of everything he already knows?