Barbara Powelson
An intriguing start. You set the scene well, give a clear indication of where the plot is headed, and have a good beginning on showing us who Tom is.
I enjoyed this piece.
John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
This is some great high adventure fantasy! Ainsworth has a unique voice and a story yarn that brings to mind Goodkind's magical worldscape, and Dennis L. McKiernan's revisioning of Tolkien. I highly recommend this to fans of high fantasy who love to encounter a new world rife with exotic magic, rich settings, brilliant description, and an active, engaging tale.
Zachary Tyler Linville
The opening scene of These Old Bones immediately captures the imagination of anyone who has felt the desire to harness magic. While Tomm struggles to properly capture a raincloud we're reminded that anything worth having is never easy. The loss and remembrance of his Gran and their relationship makes Tomm relatable from the start, and connects him to the reader who will want to watch his journey unfold while cheering for his success.  Just as Tomm's mom reminds him that 'the summoner's life chose you,' Ainsworth's writing has chosen us as readers and those that are worthy must follow through with accompanying Tomm.
Richard Heinz
The first chapter of These Old Bones promises an adventure that easily draws you into it's promise. Powerfully written, Andrew develops a magic system that offers a unique take on fantasy novels. It stands apart from the standard fare of evocation, fireballs, and classic wizardry. This, combined with the authors skill of verbomancy, creates a world that sucks you in and creates endless possibilities of daydreaming. Exactly what I look for in fantasy. I am eagerly anticipating the final book, particularly with some of the secrets and spoilers I have already received. 
Brian Fitzpatrick
Love fantasy? You'll enjoy Ainsworth's book- he's got the background and is nailing the genre!
Pat Casey
This Author is so enthusiastic , he makes me want to read his book.
Joseph Terzieva
Love fantasy? Pre-order the coming of age tale of a young summoner on a dangerous journey to prove himself.
Alex Coulombe
Wonderful. Ainsworth's texts never fail to tickle all five of my senses. His worlds are lush, lavish places that I revel spending time in, and this one is no different. I'm excited for the journey and look forward to lots of water, as well as discovering what the heck is so special about those old bones.