Charlotte’s looking for love and companionship online.... and finds all her potential partners tragically undateable. She relays these adventures to her long-distance crush and fellow writer, David, who commiserates, even as they grow closer through their emails and chats.

It’s an unusual romp through some truly terrible first dates with humor, sympathy, and more than a little schadenfreude.

There Was No Second Date is a novel I wrote originally for NaNoWriMo. It’s an epistolary novel told through emails and online chats. It’s available here on Inkshares to pre-order, and I need a minimum of 250 pre-orders to move forward with editing and publishing the book! If we don’t fund, your money will be refunded, so it’s a pretty low-risk way to help make this book a reality.

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Note: Inkshares strips out email addresses from the book excerpts (which is super smart, by the way), but this is supposed to be a series of email exchanges.