The Zookeeper’s Dilemma is the story of Lucy who discovers that she is descended from a long line of ancestor spirits. Divided into clans and constantly fighting among themselves for dominance, these Spirits have secretly infiltrated and influenced civilization for millennia. But as humans begin to destroy the planet’s ecosystem and threaten the very existence of the Spirits, the Clans make plans to take control. Lucy must decide which faction to join, a choice which could tip the balance and seal humanity’s fate.

* * *

I think it’s safe to say that this novel wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club. I was never a fan of *romance* novels until I started watching the monthly hangouts with Felicia, Bonnie, Kiala and Veronica. After listening to them talk about books, I came to appreciate that there was far more to the genre than I had previously thought. Indeed, they were instrumental in rekindling my love of reading and writing. As a tribute, I included them as minor characters in the novel.

This book is not your typical urban fantasy novel. It draws on aspects of a variety of cultures from around the world and through time, stitching them together into one narrative. One of my favorites things to do in my writing is to take common tropes and twist them into new and unexpected forms. The protagonist has no special powers. She’s just a woman with a regular job who gets thrust into impossible situation after impossible situation, yet ultimately it is her choice that will decide the fate of both the Spirit world and humanity. It’s a story filled with panic, humor, action, and sexy times.

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Content Advisory: This novel contains mature subject matter and scenes involving violence against women, including sexual assault, that may be disturbing to some readers.