Kendra Namednil
This is a surprisingly well written bit of prose.  I can feel the fledgeling romance aspect, I love the delicate way the social justice issues are presented and it was easy to keep going and painful to stop at the end of chapter two.  These are all characteristics I look for in a good book.  I'd certainly recommend this to my friends and family; it is something that is very easy to get behind.  Definitely a whole lot of fun!
Kendra Namednil
This has been a very fun read and a delightful romp! I loved the dialogue, the social issues and the fledgeling hints at romance!
Stephen Carignan
With expert pacing and deft description, The Zookeeper's Dilemma draws readers into the story as if this book was already published and flying off the shelves. Dialogue is both natural and unique to the characters, and this alone sets the writing apart, yet stronger than these elements, is the structure itself. I look forward to reading more.
Adam Mock
Sounds like a solid story. Interested to see more.
Sean Sandulak
I've relaunched this project to join in on the latest Geek & Sundry contest. Come and check it out.
James Rasile
This concept intrigues me. I like where this begins and cannot wait to see where it goes!
Regina McMenomy, Ph.D.
Love the origins of this story! It's a true tale of how the internet really can change our path and lead us to new territory. Can't wait to travel with Lucy and see where her adventure takes her!
Eliza Stopps
I first heard about this book through the Vaginal Fantasy hang out and was so excited to read it. This book has a compelling plot with a powerful main character, Lucy. Pick up your copy today!
Chrissy Cook
Ah, the classic blend of romance and fantasy - who couldn't love that? At the start, the fantasy doesn't come on too strong; instead, the reader is greeted with a father-daughter-like relationship, some animal conservation conversation, and one pretty darn normal protagonist. This is a great set-up for all the magic to come, and eases the reader into a level of familiarity with the characters and world that typically takes much longer to build in fantastical tales. With a simple, yet aesthetically-pleasing cover and an equally simple and pleasing opener, this book promises not to disappoint anyone who believes in love and magic.