Well, hello there. I’m Harison, a budding Aussie actor and author. I’m currently 15 years of age, and I love to write.

A full synopsis of The Worlds Of The Unknown:

The year is 2037. Twenty years ago, the Federations signed a treaty that united them into one grand Empire. However, there are some who seek to usurp the harmony of the Empire. Rebellious eighteen-year-old Lorelei Hamilton meets Canadian resistance fighter William Chandouineau and an unlikely bond forms as they fight for the Empire. On top of all of that, books in their traditional sense have been phased out. If one opens a book, they don’t read it. They live it. But how can the worlds of fantasy and adventure help in the struggle for the Empire? What secrets do they hold? What answers lie within their pages?

So where did the idea for The Worlds Of The Unknown come from?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure. It could have blossomed from all the other influential books that I have read. It shares the idea that you can go physically inside a book with Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets, yet it also has a Hunger Games vibe – a futuristic setting and corruption within a government. So really The Worlds Of The Unknown is a culmination of the things I enjoy most.

You as a reader can help my draft by offering suggestions, advice, and any helpful tips that may progress the story even further.

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