The World of Giants and Men:

Imagine a boy waking up without any memory in a world with giants. The world of giants and men tells the adventurous journey of Aurvin and his friend Bruk(a giant) to find out what happened to him. A lot of thought has gone into world development starting from the physics that governs the world such as gravity, light, geographical features, no of moons of the planet, shifting of the continents over the millions of years etc.  

There are also a series of fictional gods and myths surrounding them created to increase the overall credibility.

Giants are not monsters lurking in the dark or rumors among men. The world is clearly divided into many kingdoms inhibited by either humans or giants. The two species have clashed with each other several times in the past centuries. The humans are able to stand up to the giants with the help of their mages called ’eraeter’. 

The magic, its nature and current state is carefully crafted with several different forms and abilities.Weapons created by the ancient mages are the most powerful magical artifacts in the world.

The story also involves intimate relationships and politics both among humans and giants. Also backstories of many characters gives a peek into the world before the story begins.

I have been dreaming of this story for the last eight years and finally gathered up the courage to write it.It is everything I have ever wished a fantasy novel to be. The entire story cannot be captured in a single book but I am trying to keep it as short as possible.A lot of thought have gone behind the story, the characters, magic,monsters and other beings that dwells in this world that I am proud of.

This is my first time writing a novel and trying something like this on a platform so please support and tell me what you think.I have also uploaded my first chapter to give a sneak peek.