After getting about half way to Quill funding with this book I decided to try funding it via Kickstarter. 
That was successful and the book is now available and can be ordered from bookshops in the UK and on Amazon both in Kindle and paperback. (the amazon pb is via Createspace)

The story follows three young brothers, Blyth, Teague, and Abbon, as they are forced to flee their village in Britain and are taken into the tutelage of the Deru-weidi (druids) and in particular Gwenn, a tall and powerful warrior mage .

It is a coming of age quest but without the obvious hero -v- villain trope of most of the genre (for good or bad)

It also sets the scene for the series which continues with "Women of the Wise Oak" in which Gwenn visits Rome to find out more about a young man whose fate is supposedly tied up with that of Blyth.