It’s been many years since I was here last. Anyone still out there? I just started drafting a new thing on here. Quite different. Humour, about a tribute band to a fictional rock band. It’s called Secon Sun. https://www.inkshares.com/books/second-sun/ 

Just in case anyone is at all interested in my adventures these days, with apologies if you’re not, I just ran a Kindle promo on "Children of the Wise Oak" and got several thousand downloads. It’s the third such promo to get those kind of numbers and even though loads may never read it, it’s nice to know some have, and will. 

The sequel, "Women of the Wise Oak" was on countdown and got a couple of hundred sales. Reviews are still a bit thin on the ground but broadly positive. 

Meanwhile, my other series of kids’ spoof spy/detective stories featuring cool-cat Felix Whiter is onto the fourth adventure and crowdfunding over on Kickstarter. Sorry but it has worked too well for me now to change.

In the unlikely event that anyone would like to pledge there, I won’t share the link out of respect for Inkshares, but if you search "What’s Up Duck?" Kickstarter, it should come up. 

The series so far consists of "For Cats’ Eyes Only", "Dr Gnaw", and "You Only Live Nine Times". (I decided to move away from Bond title puns for book 4. ) 

All the best. 


Hi all, before I get to my main message, I just want to say I still admire Inkshares. I have enjoyed the books I already received, and am looking forward immensely to one or two still in production, as well as intending to pre-order certain titles in future. 
Inkshares is such a brilliant concept and has helped numerous authors achieve their goals, and the production quality is top notch too. 
Having said that, it didn’t work out for me as an author, which is why I ended up self publishing via a crowdfunder.
Similarly there have been some authors who felt they didn’t get the deal they were promised. Let’s face it, there isn’t a business around that doesn’t have some disgruntled customers, right? 
No hard feelings, no bad blood. I recently helped bring "And the Wolf Shall Dwell" to the market. The hardcover, and paperback editions arrived this week and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved. 
It has had a full professional edit, formatted to a really high standard, and the finished product looks absolutely stunning. 
Joni decided to make the Kindle edition free this weekend, so if you just want to read it, then grab it from them (but hurry as it is only this weekend). We also did a Createspace edition if people want it from Amazon; or if you prefer the hardcover, you can get it from bluepoppypublishing.co.uk  
All the best, 

120 followers and still the odd new one added now and again. Well isn’t that interesting because...

After creating "Blue Poppy Publishing" and launching this book last summer, the sequel launch is imminent. 

"Women of the Wise Oak" follows the continued adventures of the Deru-Weidi mostly through the eyes of Gwenn and Epona. This book passes the Bechdel test in spades.

It is available to pre-order on Amazon Kindle for five bucks, but you should probably read the first book first.

Blue Poppy are also about to launch "And the Wolf Shall Dwell" by Joni Dital which was originally supposed to have been published by Inkshares but there were some issues which were not resolved and Joni ended up bringing his M/S to me. 
It is an explosive book, in two distinct metaphorical senses, especially for Brits like me  for whom the subject matter has been brought painfully close to home in recent months. 
Joni handles the sensitive subject of Jihadi terrorism and political intrigue extraordinarily well in this spy thriller. 

It is still possible to pre-order "And the Wolf Shall Dwell" here https://jondbooks.com/shop/ 

Exciting news

So much has been happening in my publishing journey I could almost burst with the excitement. The fact is all the excitement is somewhere else than here on Inkshares.
Firstly, my own sequel will be published this summer. "Women of the Wise Oak" continues the story on from "Children of the Wise Oak" (published June 2016) via Blue Poppy Publishing 

Secondly, and even more exciting, is the fact that we will now be publishing Joni Dee’s "And the Wolf Shall Dwell" through Blue Poppy. 
This is because despite getting 749 pre-orders through Inkshares, they did not feel able to bring his work to the market for whatever reasons. I don’t want to criticise anybody so I won’t but let’s just say Inkshares loss is Blue Poppy’s gain on this occasion. 
Inkshares have returned payments for pre-orders of Joni’s book so he has had to set up a new payment system to take pre-orders via his website

Blue Poppy are also looking forward to the launch of "Black Lord of Eagles" the first in a two part fantasy series set in a world based on the Inca empire of central America. Mystery, religion and magic blend in with the tragic tale of the conquistadors in a breathtaking novel from Ben Blake an independent author who already has six novels in print. 

Still funding the sequel to this on Crowdfunder. 
It is possible to get both e-books for just £4 "Children of the Wise oak" and "Women of the Wise Oak"
Offer ends 15th March


Sequel time : 
Check out http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/women-of-the-wise-oak-book-2

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Brilliant work, good luck.

Well, as you may or may not know, the book is in print and e-book, already. 
When I missed Quill, I went with Kickstarter and did the biz.
If you never got a copy before, maybe now is the time. 
It’s on a Kindle Countdown deal today until Feb 6th 

OK folks, I may have appeared dormant for a long while, however, I have actually been really busy. 
As you may or may not recall, Children missed its funding goal by a considerable margin. As a result, I decided to have a crack at Kickstarter. (ha ha, I just typed Kinkstarter; I expect that’s a whole different website!) 
Well I did hit the KS goal and self published this summer. Sales are steady if not exhilarating but that’s not what this is about. 

I still think Inkshares is a superb business model with some valuable features which are lacking in self publishing. Therefore I want to give it another go with the sequel. I plan a number of books in the series, and obviously I want consistency across the whole thing but it’s not too late at book 2 to switch horses. If I make funding then it must be possible to go back and redo book 1 as part of the series. 

So, please could you all start by following Women Of The Wise Oak here on Inkshares, and we’ll take it from there. 

I’m not sure when I will feel ready to launch. Maybe when I am halfway through writing it? Or perhaps when there seems to be some support coming in? We’ll see.