So far so good, having read the first five chapters there are strong characters and an evolving story. Love some of the descriptions. There is a need for further proofreading before publication, but not too many mistakes. 
Morton Tooley
enjoyed the chapters i have read so far (up to C. 5) but haven't got 'round to reading the new ones, however judging by the story so far i'll probably enjoy them thoroughly.
Francoise Heffernan Walter Krull
The beginning felt a little awkward to me and I will most likely read over it again to see how it feels a second time. After those first couple of pages however, I feel the narrative loosens up a tad, and it becomes very easy to get swept up with the characters and scenery and go with the flow of the unfolding story. I did also notice a few typos in chapter five, which I'm sure you'll wheedle out upon further proofreading. All in all, looks like it's going to be a jolly good read and definitely has me wanting more. I dare say you will see my name appear in your list on the right there once the holidays are done.
Thomas J. Arnold
My inner pagan has long leaned to the Celtic, so the opening paragraph with its excellent use combination of vivid imagery and Celtic mythology to describe a sunrise was simply mesmerizing to my mind's eye.  From here Mr. Tooley continues with a masterful technique, easily blending exposition, mythology, imagery, and characterization to settle me firmly into the mindset of this particular group of ancient Celts.  With this foundation it is impossible not to get swept away into the compelling narrative.
Oliver Tooley
Head swelling with Thomas J Arnold's review, please buy my book. 1 month funding left.
Glenn McDougall
My crazy/lovely friend Oli seems to be losing heart. If I could buy another ten copies of his awesome book I would, but I can't :( Can you?