This project actually started as a Nanowrimo blast a few years ago. Whlie I reached the target number of words, the story itself never really got rounded out.

The basic premise is that a woman, fuelled by money alone has looked for a retreat where she can show off to her friends and make herself an upstanding member of the community through her generous donations.

However, in the renting of the house, there is an unnoticed caveat about the man who lives in the shed, way out of sight on the vast grounds, but he’s there nonetheless and is going nowhere.

This is a place where has has chosen to live and has made life his unknown. But the woman sees him as a menace and is highly paranoid that he is out to ruin her whole world and image and wants him gone.

It was an idea of a clash between two vastly different worlds and about intolerance and not seeing the whole gamut of society through often blinkered lives.

I am an English-born writer and have really only delved into short story publications before. But this is one of the few longer ideas that I have had. Any feedback into the story, from both points of view from the opposing ends of society would help shape and mould the story into a full, well-rounded piece.

Thanks for your time, it’s something I much appreciate on my journey.