What do you hide from people the most? Your biggest fear? A shame? A weakness? A fetish? A sin? A quirk? A lie? Imagine you are forced to talk about your darkest secret in front of everyone you have ever known.

"The Wheel" is an action-packed psychological thriller with the cruelty of "Saw" and the atmosphere of "Black Mirror". The book tells the story of eight students of The University of Chicago, who got trapped in a dark glass room. A voice named Ayama makes them spin in turn a special wheel that decides which of their deepest secrets and worries have to be revealed.

Experience their personal emotions and stories with them and find out what secrets each of them keeps. Take off your masks, plunge into the world of insanity and show your true nature in a whirlwind of unexpected twists and shocking emotional fallouts. An English version of a highly-rated hit of Wattpad Russia. The book may contain adult content.


The book is available on Wattpad for free!
Enjoy it!