My name is Rory Thomassen, I am an aspiring author and weaver of worlds. It is my hope to inspire as I have been inspired. Share a world, share a story, and share memories.

I had started work on The Breaking of Bells a month ago and have been passionately and dutifully writing toward it’s completion. It started quite literally with a dream. A dream shaped by my often fickle muse. A world was born. A character was made. Themes were introduced to me in one incredible night. Then another incredible night. Then twelve more incredible nights of vivid dreams detailing points of the story and the characters within. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and it played to the part of me that always romanticized writing a full length novel. So I want to share my dreams with you.

Every world has a beginning. For Tel, it is as fresh as a sweet spring day. History has only just started to be written. Two hundred years of it being expertly cataloged by scribes sanctioned by the rich and powerful Bellrose kingdom. Humans as they know it have been building and learning since the first age, 1400 years ago. Now is a time of war, a time of battle, of epic tales and bardic wonder. The Warsingers are the stuff of legend being made in present time. Warriors and battle maidens alike are coming across powerful weapons of mysterious origins. They sing and make music with devastating consequences. Is the world ready for what is to come to pass? The new dawn? The turning of an age? Will the future hold bright horizons or will the tolling of their music resonate destruction?