’The Violin Maker’ A novel by Glenn J. Hill Book One of a three book series.

Comparable to a mash-up of the Novel ’Outlander’, with romance, historical fiction and time travel; the film ’The Red Violin’, with a mysterious violin; and the Novel ’The Di Vinci Code’, with thriller/mystery/puzzle solving elements, including evil inquisitor types who will stop at nothing to control, dominate, and manipulate the world.


A ball of fire and searing pain his first memory, Joseph Davidson survives a gasoline semi-truck ramming his family’s car, severely burning him and killing his parents. Raised an orphan with his past an empty puzzle, his body deeply scarred, he is plagued by strange dreams and nightmares. Dreams of a warm, sunny beautiful place, unlike the cool damp and chilly earth he lives on; and nightmares of an underlying horror that stalks it’s prey amiss the beauty.

In an alternative history 1985 America at age twenty while studying violin making, Joseph encounters and touches an ancient, mysterious and seemingly powerful violin. A violin that begins to draw him 500 years back in time.

Rachel, a mysterious, vivacious and beautiful young woman at the violin school befriends Joseph. She seduces and  draws him into her own exotic and highly erotic world as his first ever lover, even as their love feels so familiar and timeless. But a shadow lies over Rachel, threatening their new love with oblivion.

The lovers discover they are being stalked by an ancient evil, the Catholic Inquisition with all of it’s deadly horrors, once again rising in power. Obsessed with an age-old hatred and led by a murderous, ambitious and corrupt Priest intent on global dominion, the growing power of the inquisition appears unstoppable, with just a secret prophecy standing in it’s way.

With their world slowly dying, their love in jeopardy, and their lives in deadly peril, the violin calls out it’s siren song to the two young people, leading them on a dangerous quest across the globe and back though time.