Earth and her children have spread their reach far beyond the Sol system. A century ago, colonists from Earth boarded ships bound for deep space, each with a different purpose; some to expand a country’s territorial claim, some to mine, some to escape religious persecution, and some as punishment for Earthly crimes. The citizens of these new worlds - Verge worlds, as they’re known on Earth - have built their own societies and cultures, which are threatened by the territorial governance of United Earth. Some worlds seek a peaceful solution while others see this conflict as an opportunity to break free from Earth’s grasp forever and become their own territorial power.

The Verge War tells the story of this conflict from different perspectives. A rich, Earth-born territorial governor who abandons his military post to protect the citizens of his world in the first hostilities of the War. A dangerous bank robber with a grudge against the Verge planets who operates through the chaos of open hostilities. A Velesian journalist who gets too close to a conspiracy in her own government.


Kristopher J. Patten is a scientist and writer who, because of those pursuits, is forced to live his life from behind the glare of his laptop. When he has free time and can finally extricate himself from his technological prison, he browses reddit on his phone. In the unlikely event he has an opportunity to go outside that he doesn’t thwart himself, he hikes and bikes through the hellish landscape of the desert mountains near his home in Arizona.

Kristopher also likes cheeseburgers and dogs. Not hot dogs. Like, pets and companions. He has two of his own. He has owned several cheeseburgers, but their time in his life was fleeting.