• How Long has this been worked on?

This "Saga" has been a work in progress for more than 15 years. Trying desperately to make something out of all of my passion.

  • The length of the Series

There are over 1.1 million words in the Series which equals out to be around 3,400 pages, making up 3 bite sized books.

  • What the books are About

This story is deep with a long history, with over 70 characters [you don’t need to track all of them]. The story only centers around a few of them.

It catalogues the world of Valthera and it’s fall into the abyss.

It’s a love story. However, it is also a story about death. It might sound bleak or unpleasant--but what it is--what it has always been, is the view of life and it’s summarization into parts.

There is a much deeper meaning behind the ’Epic of Eon Genesis’, or the ’Tale of Cheshire’, ’The God-slayer Tale’ of Air’ious Li’onis, ’The Mad god-king Leoshire’ and the god who stood against him--Feroshire.

And the tale about the end of their world, ’Ne’kell Norse the Ruxin Kist’ along with the tale that comes after it, ’The Time Traveler’.

However, a lot of details are largely left for your imagination to wander and fill in the gaps. The imagination is always stronger than any words can conjure up. So for this reason I leave it up to the reader to put their own thoughts to what characters may look like, their depth and their attitudes so that anyone reading it can interject their own characters into the atmosphere and put themselves there alongside the main characters--something I’ve always done with books that I’ve read.

  • Why is it written in this way?

This is for a couple reasons, it’s something that I’ve always seen the series as being easily accessible for everyone and doesn’t require a full knowledge of the books. Allowing for people to easily write their own stories into the book universe.

  • What is the overall plan for that?

I would like to have a writer’s competition/fan competition at some point so that fans of the series can write and submit their work and characters based around the Vatheran Universe to quite literally have their own characters walk, breathe and even die in this massive universe.

  • How fleshed out are the books?

Completely, the only thing that is lacking is editing work that needs to be done to the earlier works, such as this one posted. But the Universe and character relationships are completely fleshed out.

Do you have a map?

It will need to be redone by a professional, but yes:

So if these couple pages spark any interest please give me any advice or critiques I’m always willing to listen.