Redoing Pre-orders.

This is the book, not the other one.

I must ask, that you please, redo any preorders that you had done previously. I know that it is a hassle, but I need to jump out in this competition with Geek & Sundry. 

That’s all, I can’t ask for anymore than that than to please spread the word as best that you can. This means a lot. More than you know.

Geek and Sundry Competition:

I ended the Campaign on the book, this is not because I gave up on the book, but rather because of the new competition from Geek and Sundry, so starting tomorrow, I’m going to message everyone that I can to have any of you re-order.

I know it stinks to go through this again, but I have a better chance with success with this moving forward.

Arigatou gozaimasu


Lack of Updates

I apologize for the lack of updates in regard to the book, I have had internet issues for the last two weeks making any sort of connection impossible. That’s resolved for now.

Rewrites: There are going to be a lot of rewrites in regard to this book, mainly in the fact that originally this was the 3rd book I had written, but the 2nd in the series while the 7th book that I’ve written is the 1st book in the series and the stories no longer match up as they should. (It’s confusing I know, but it’s how it happened.) 

Something along the lines of an additional hundred pages will be added to this book. I’ve grown more and more agitated by some of the wordplay that is used, more so than I remembered--it was written ten years ago when I was thirteen--and the writing style no longer matches with my current style of writing.

That’s the main reason, the other reason for this being is that there is a good foundation for a main character in Ail’liaro Li’onis, "The Tongueless Lion", his story should be approached with a better style than what I have currently up. Prose aside. I still enjoy most of it, it’s very Biblical in its way.

Those are some of the plans moving forward is all that I can say on the matter.

Make sure to PRE-ORDER please, this means a lot to me.

I want to thank everyone who has recommended the book, it’s not in its best shape trust me, there’s a far-reaching story underneath all of the lore--it’s there for a reason because it all actually happened and you’ll be able to read about all of it.

Take care, and again thank you for all of your support.


Lore Update: Excerpt from, The History of Valthera by Artemis Asinere

On the topic of the Time Traveler.

"From the first accounting onward of a rumor regarding a technique created by the ones who call themselves the Great Beings, or more commonly known as half-breeds.
The Great Beings, taught by the human Lord Setain Valentine--father of the Aeon known as Eon Genesis [Leon Valentine]. Has created a technique to reverse time and even stop it.

The Children of Men, the creatures who live such short lives--suffer from their mortality in a way that a Norse suffers from not being included in war. Or a Trebizond who catches a small skipper in place of a large multi-scaled tre’bond fish.Their imperfection is as evident as their lack of strength.

Death’s reports have changed--the machine’s collection deemed to be perfect by the creator Nien Jekyll. After conduction interviews in the cities of Tetu-jand, Faovoror, Bleika, Parise, Lofalla the men of these cities had been killed in the battles of Cheshire and Li’onis, have seemingly survived their supposed deaths.

Reports of the boy known as Victor Valentine appearing to sway battles, that--according to my information were lost by the Lutnatw. The technique therefor is not complete. 
As Cle’vier Shire had previously created a technique that truly altered time and space, all accounts would then shift with the alterations that the first Shire would create.

Cle’vier’s first battle with the Dragon Fafnir was a resounding defeat according to the Dragon himself--however, according to the Dark Lord Fafnir, Cle’vier sent himself back multiple times through multiple universes to finish the fight. Even then falling short and only repelling the Dark Lord Fafnir.


It’s been a little bit since the last update, things are still going well, Preorders and the expression of gratitude that I wish to disclose to the ones who have put some faith in me, enough to preorder a book it is truly amazing thank you.

If you have ever wondered what over a Million words looks like (this is outside of the first three books)

This was taken about two years ago, since then this pile has grown. This is roughly around 1 Million words, with another 400,000 in two separate books.
I hope this gives some kind of idea how long this has been worked on.

I will be doing another Lore Update tomorrow.
In the meantime, take care.

Excerpt from The History of Valthera, by Artemis Asinere, on the topic of Shire and the Aeons

... The one now known simply as Shire, came and took what he so desired, he held nothing back from himself. He took many wives and many concubines until their number amounted to 1090, so was the way of the Shire.

Shire’s seed was potent, after one year’s time his sons and daughters amounted to more than his wives, his seed bore him twins, triplets so on and so forth.

According to their kinds they were gathered, being named after and by the Great Lord Cle’vier Shire.

Among these were the twins of Berkshire who was son of Cle’vier: Leoshire and Feroshire and their relatives.

Feroshire grew in anger and ambition, no longer desiring to dwell under his grandfather’s name ’shire’ he continued until his death known as Fer’os.

From the Shires came the Aeons, orders bringers, rulers of the land when no lord could be found among the people. The Aeons would hold no lands or titles, yet they grew and honed their powers. 

While the Shire grew old and whithered, dying at the age of 3,987--Having well over that number of children, his line grew and prospered.

His son, Berkshire grew powerful, being the only single birth under Shire, his power was not split between a sibling. Berkshire slayed his elder half-brother Hishire, the firstborn, his ambition being all that could end him.

... [2 page skip]

Berkshire continued in this way, dominating those who stood against him, even the Aeons and they too failed in number.

Berkshire ruled without resistance for many years, fear always being the factor. It was in this time, the time of constructed false peace--that the power of the Aeon’s and of the Shire’s came into question, becoming mere myth.

The people grew in anger and frustration and with it was stirred rebellion--

Monday update:

I most likely will not be uploading any further chapters. And might actually take it back down to just a few. 

So moving forth updates will be either developments, shout outs to respective writers that need support and Lore Reveals. 

Today is a holiday here in the States, so drive safe take care of yourself, and definitely don’t "hold my beer and watch this". While funny, I can’t help but suspect that you might die and we don’t want that. 

Have a wonderful evening.

I will post lore updates as the week goes on. If there’s anything in particular you would like discussed, ask away! 

Excelsior! A new chapter pertaining to the Time Traveler will be uploaded in honor of the 40 follower mark. 

Note: This chapter takes place much further in the book somewhere around twenty ’sections’ later.

Reminder for the Quill Goal:

First 50 paper backs will not only be signed first editions of all first editions, but also contain pieces of the History of Valthera. No one else will have the same piece as you. 

As always thanks for reading, Pre-order if you haven’t, recommend, *cough* give me your soul *cough*, tell others about it in all truth and honesty I don’t have local resources to help me push the book forward in my own home so if you will allow me to lean on you, I promise I don’t smell. 


40 Follower Update:

So I finally got my scanner working again. The Map will be posted in this update.

I might be getting interviewed soon (What? No you won’t see my face, sorry, I know you really want to, but not yet.) Along with being a potential Syndicate pick (that would be amazing.) There are several things in the pipeline as of now. It’s amazing to see honestly thank you all for everything no matter how small the gesture.

Quill Goal/50 Paperback Special Update:

Yes I still plan on writing out pieces of the History of Valthera in the first 50 paperbacks sold, this is essentially giving you: 1. Signed Copy. 2. 1st Edition. 3. Collectors Item that will never be seen again. 

Think about it and pre-order. I’ll still love you either way. But more so if you pre-order.

While the map may not look that great, I just want you to understand--I drew this by hand, I am not an artist of any kind. I stink. But it gets the job done.


Shout Outs: Thanks to quite a few people, @Rick Heinz thanks for pre-ordering it means a lot (check his book out HERE). @Christopher Lee, You’re an awesome dude check his work, he’s working hard on his own Universe. @Craig Munro thanks for the advice. [His stuff HERE.] @Joseph Asphahani, another ton of advice of which he dropped on me [HERE.] 
Also M. Robert Randolph’s book Wings of Crallow a beautiful work by him. He’s helped me a lot as well and deserves to be praised.
There are more of you and I don’t want to overload anyone.
Peace and as always, take care.


Monday Update: Quill Goal. While there have not been many preorders, I mean who could blame you, I don’t even have a face for as much as you know. But I do, trust me. It’s in between the L & V respectively.

If I reach goal:

Any of the Paperbacks located within the Quill goal will not just get my signature, but also hand written segments of the History of Valthera.

How will this work? I hear you ask.

Dependent upon how many Paperbacks are ordered, the words of History of Valthera will be divided up between all. Meaning you not only get a First Edition, but you will now have something no one will ever again receive. Ever.

In other words, the only time this work will be published. Is in the handwritten segments that I write into the paperbacks.

As always any questions feel free to contact me. Recommend! Preorder! Buy several. You might even get something even more special.