This is a series that has evolved from daydreams and epic adventures in the woods behind the horse barn years ago. I have always enjoyed stories, especially fantasy stories. The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and the Chronicles of Narnia all were read aloud to me before I was five. Narrative and good story in any setting have always left me enrapt. I wrote my own stories and studied creative writing through college, but moved away from it to pursue other dreams. A decade later, my sister encouraged me to return to my characters and bring them back to life. The first attempt was a noble undertaking and truly a labor of love, but we rushed it and it was not yet ready. Several years have passed since Aikara sprang to life on paper. With the indispensable support of my best friend, the story and indeed the world is bigger, bolder and so much more what I envisioned from the beginning of my adventure. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Synopsis: In the elven nation of Seiren, Nature and its purity were paramount. So much so, that when the world of Aikara became scarred by centuries of war, the elves constructed a formidable magical barrier and sealed their forests away from the corruption. This action forced them to sever their connections to Heaven in order to protect their lands from Hell. Centuries later, Galen, the prince and heir of the elven nation, was the Guardian of the magic that kept his land protected from the outside world. His sheltered existence became threatened the afternoon a young mortal woman and her retinue breached Seiren’s defenses and made their way toward the capital city of Arcadia. Galen had no choice but to decide whether to trust the girl and join forces with his father’s ancient allies or to continue Seiren’s self-imposed isolation, condemning the forces of good to battle the armies of Hell alone. Either way, Galen knew that his world would be forever changed.