In PrOOF Vol. 1, Stephen Duncan, Vampire, chafed under the yoke of The Agency for Preservation Of Occult Figures, coming into deadly conflict with their agents. In Vol. 2, The Vampire and the Wendigo, we find Stephen at PrOOF, where paperwork, tedious minutiae and danger are all in a day’s work!

A homeless Army veteran performs a heroic act of selfless compassion, and the folks he saves return the favor by starting a GoFundMe account to get him back on his feet. The story goes viral and the veteran finds himself with more resources than he knows what to do with. When he disappears shortly afterward, the world wonders what happened for a while, then moves on to the next viral sensation.

Months later, there’s a dangerous killer afoot in New York state - one who is leaving swaths of gore and destruction in their wake and reducing entire towns to crime scenes. PrOOF becomes involved, as the local and Federal authorities cannot conceive of a human capable of wreaking such carnage.

Both [Spoiler PrOOF Agent name] and Stephen suspect there’s nothing supernatural about this killer; just the level of evil he’s perpetrating. Still, they jump at the chance to get out of the office and help ease the fears of a terrified public. Stephen becomes somewhat of a vampire bloodhound, and [Spoiler PrOOF Agent name] puts his investigative skills on display.

Culminating in a horrific showdown in Northeastern New York state, the bloody conclusion of this tale will leave everyone involved changed forever - especially Stephen.

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