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The Vampire and the Dragon - PrOOF vol. 1

What is PrOOF? As our Vampire hero finds out early in the story, PrOOF is the Government agency for the Preservation Of Occult Figures. They track, study and ostensibly protect Occult beings; Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Psychics, etc.

Stephen Duncan is a regular working-class Vampire. He wants nothing more than to eke out a living so he can make his rent and pay butchers to keep him in pig’s blood. Stephen hasn’t attacked a human for decades, but his visit from agents of PrOOF has him starting to reconsider his peaceful ways once they coerce him into undertaking their mission: to electronically tag a dragon in the Canadian province of Nunavut.

Moving from the bustle of Buffalo, NY to the cold, unforgiving Arctic and finally to the shores of Lake Ontario in Western NY, Stephen’s journey will force him to run the gamut from victim to killer, from patsy to potential hero, and to finally confront his true nature as a Vampire.

Plus...there’s a dragon! Seriously!

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Cover art for Volume 1 designed and executed by Sarah Humphrey of Champion Graphics in Wilson, NY ( http://championgraphics.net/ )