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PrOOF: Preservation Of Occult Figures

(formerly titled PrOOF Vol. 1 - The Vampire and the Dragon)

What is PrOOF? As our vampire hero finds out early in the story, PrOOF is the Government agency for the Preservation Of Occult Figures. They track, study and ostensibly protect Occult beings; Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Psychics, etc.

Stephen Duncan is a regular working-class Vampire. He wants nothing more than to eke out a living so he can make his rent and pay butchers to keep him in pig’s blood. Stephen hasn’t attacked a human for decades, but his visit from agents of PrOOF has him reconsidering his peaceful ways.

In short order, Stephen is tasked as a trainee to head with two experienced field agents into the wilds of Northeastern NY to find a monster with the capacity to reduce whole towns to blood-soaked crime scenes. Along the way, he’ll meet psychics, a dragon, and occult beings of every stripe.

Even if he accomplishes this mission, will he be able to survive his dark past catching up with him?